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It is a story of creative energy needed to express one's personality, and connects them to the nature of the fifth house and the Sun in touch with Mercury, symbolized by number 5. With such a powerful signal, we must understand that those born on May 5th are messengers of their month.

They have a task to tell us something, and in the time of Taurus, it is almost certain that they have a thing or two to teach us about hedonism and satisfactions of life. They might show to have two faces, belonging to both the world of chastity and that of weird physical pleasures.

This will reflect on all areas of life of those born on this date and make them excel at multitasking, but distance them from the oneness they need to find. The second step of analysis serves to show that the ego has to change and shift and people born on this date have a task to realize that it is only their individuality that truly matters.

Under a powerful influence of masculine figures in their life, they might have to break loose and find a different way of expression than the one their father would approve of. The Sabian symbol for Taurus representatives born on May 5th of a leap year and two years following it:. Just like there is a four-faced side to the planetary row of two identical entities for this date, there are many possible views on these two Sabian symbols. To find the relevant point of connecting, one needs to understand that there is always oneness to be found, a meeting dot where all things fall into place and give one specific answer.

This state of Unity gives all answers we seek through connections that come as a natural consequence of the primal realization.

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On the other hand, a serious, brave man is trying to fight the cold and moves through difficulty in order to get where he wants to go. The primal message is to be found in the lightness of childish energy and the potential of the child within that needs to come to surface to realize that no storms need to be tamed and no limits crossed if one just approaches life as a game. To live the full potential of their lives, those born on May 5th need to find and respect their inner child, indulging in its cravings and needs, never giving up on playing with life.

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Virgo daily horoscope Virgo weekly horoscope Virgo monthly horoscope Virgo horoscope. As a Scorpio born on this day , you are adventurous, energetic and passionate. Funny how that works, right? The secret to your success is that you focus on your sense of possibility. These are the traits of somebody who will go far in life because, in most cases, the big projects, the big challenges, they require us to become better people.

We go through a process and the process changes us. You have exactly the right type of temperament and energy level to go through those processes. Not surprisingly, you draw a lot of people to you because they consider you some sort of a natural leader. Lovers born on November 5th are passionate, but they tend to be doubtful and impulsive.

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You need to understand that there is such a thing as unconditional love. When you get into a relationship, the person accepts you. Not surprisingly, your relationships tend to be short-lived and shallow. Your job is to keep your eye wide open so you can recognize that person. Chances are, that person would be a water sign.

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People born on this day are very enthusiastic, confident and have bold vision. Not surprisingly, they tend to do well as entrepreneurs. You are able to see the possibility in any situation. Regardless of how seemingly depressing or bleak it may be, you always look at the bright side. This is not just you being optimistic.