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An earth sign, Taurus needs to carefully consider all the options and weigh each for practicality. Yours is a fixed sign, so change comes slowly and deliberately. A highly goal-oriented person, you are able to focus intently on whatever you do, making you efficient and effective.

Usually you display grace under pressure. However, you are at risk of getting too close to what you are doing, focusing too intently on one portion of the project. You could be miss an important detail or misjudge circumstances. Also, you could find out later that the premise which formed the foundation of your plan was faulty, causing everything to collapse. Remind yourself to stop and question your assumptions now and then. To give you better perspective and time to unwind, you need creature comforts.

Taurus Horoscope for October 12222

Yours is one of the few signs that would benefit from watching a little TV. Settle into your comfy chair or curl up on the couch and tune into a show you enjoy. You might opt to have a glass of wine and a few warm, roasted chestnuts at your side, or a couple of bittersweet chocolates. Fire up the wood stove or reach for a lap blanket in winter. In summer, if weather permits, open the window and feel the refreshing breeze. Your sign also enjoys music, but Taurus likes it best with the proper speakers and stereo unit.

Since Taurus is the sign of the ultimate shopper, cheer yourself up by buying one new item that you can wear right away. Perhaps a nifty new raincoat, or a fashionable new shirt? Go alone, and meander at your own pace. Later take yourself to lunch in the museum cafe or nearby eatery that has a European, leisurely air and read your newspaper in peace.

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You have other options too, Taurus. Your Venus-ruled nature always feels soothed by greenery, so get closer to nature by doing some gardening or landscaping. Planting petunias, lilies and roses in the fresh air will give you quiet time to think and make you feel better. If you are single, you stand an excellent chance of meeting someone who fascinates you and will stay in your life forever.

If you are in a strong and happy established relationship, you can now bond joyously closer. Over the past three years, you coped with Saturn opposed to your Sun, considered one of the most difficult aspects possible. That trend started when Saturn first entered Scorpio in October and ended in September Scorpio is the sign found degrees away from yours, which is why it was a very significant place for Saturn to have been for you.

While Saturn toured Scorpio, he was looking-for weak links in a close love or business relationship, or to show you why you needed to address a health matter and not ignore it.

Astroved Taurus

By now you already know whether any of those conditions occurred, and if so, you've found the pathway to correcting them. We only get two or three visits from Saturn to a certain house of the horoscope in a lifetime because Saturn requires 29 years to make his journey around the Sun. During his travels, Saturn visits every house of the horoscope spending two or two and a half years in each house. By the time Saturn finishes his first go-round called a Saturn return , you are 29 years old and considered truly mature.

Astrologers do not consider the age of 18 or 21 to be mature as society tells us.

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Saturn is known as the taskmaster planet that teaches by presenting a series of difficult challenges and tests to see how you will respond. Your health will steadily improve too, and you'll get stronger by the day, assuming you continue to follow a healthy lifestyle. Not only are you done with tough old Saturn, but generous Jupiter will be in a fine position to help you heal all year, first from touring fellow earth-sign Virgo, and then by moving into Libra, your sixth house of health, later in the year.

Taurus: Comfort is Primary

Now you start your journey through with a clean canvas and a fantastic opportunity to find lasting love if you are single. If you are attached, you can bond closer to your one true love.

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  • Taurus Horoscope for September - Susan Miller Astrology Zone.

In fact, you are the number one sign indicated to find and enjoy love in — you are the favored sign, dear Taurus. If you are single, you will be amazed to meet the kind of partner who you will-be excited about and with whom you can actually imagine setting up a serious, long-term relationship.

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If you are al-ready in an established alliance, then you may think about having a baby, or if you have children, doing something special for them, such as choosing a new school or deciding on a way to help your child develop a talent. The fifth house, so golden now thanks to Jupiter's beams, rules pregnancy in addition to love. If you have had problems with conception, see a fertility specialist that you have researched as the most fitting for you. This will be your very best chance to see positive results from a consultation with the right doctor, and if indicated, to begin a protocol of treatments to create a pregnancy.

Adoption is also a superb option now. When it comes to love and relationships, it would be wise to think long term in , for Jupiter will be setting up a new ten-year cycle that will only grow and develop as time goes by. You will have a very festive end-of-year, too, for Mars will brighten the energy in your social eleventh house.

This will make the time from December 19, though January 27, very special with possibly the invitation to attend more than one A-list party, where you'll be surrounded by many warm, affectionate people, some of whom you will know and some you will not.

Mars will be in Pisces, a sign associated with beauty, music, and the soft, poetic expression of art. The events you will attend at this point of the year will be quite enchanting. Alternatively, you might opt to travel, as there is some evidence that you might be going to a foreign city for the year-end holidays. What a way to ring in the New Year! For more than a year, until October 10, , you will have Jupiter pouring golden light into your sixth house, bolstering your health, and bringing you golden work assignments too.

Unlike your tenth house of fame and career honors, the sixth house is about your day-to-day assignments along with the people and tools you work with to get your projects done. With Jupiter in this new area of your chart you will receive some of the most divine assignments you've seen in a long while, and they will pay well too. If you are self-employed, you will bring in much new business. You may also need to hire more help at the office or need more helpers at home, but you won't have any worries, for with Jupiter in this part of your chart, you will find the right candidates to hire, and those whom you hire will prove to be gems.

If you need more or newer equipment such as computers or need to upgrade your software, you will be able to afford to do so in the last three months of In terms of your health, you are about to have even better news than you received earlier in the year.

As discussed above, when Saturn was opposed to your Sun, you may have had a concern about your health, but now Jupiter, the great healer, may help you to become ever stronger, and if you have a chronic condition bring you possible relief.

Susan Miller Horoscope for September 12222: Aries and Taurus

If you would like to lose weight, Jupiter in your sixth house Libra , where you will be hosting this planet of happiness, prosperity, and health will be the very best place of the horoscope for you to meet your goals. I have done research on weight loss in astrology and found that having Jupiter in the sixth house is really the finest place you could ever wish this wondrous planet to be to help you to lose weight effectively.

Once you lose the weight if that is your goal , you will likely re-main at your new, lower weight because Jupiter will teach you to eat nutritiously, and you'll find you actually feel better with smaller portions. Don't be extreme in your methods. Rather, plan to lose weight the slow and steady way, for that will bring you to the weight you want to be. You will enjoy your food more than you did previously, even though you will be eating less—possibly because you -will actually taste how delicious unprocessed food is to eat.

On September 30, you will have one of the most tender, happy new moons of , perfect for initiations on all the areas discussed so far. This fortunate day would also be ideal to wed, as the new moon will be in marriage-minded Libra. October 1 is a Saturday, also a wonder-day to tie the knot. Now let's turn to career success.

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You will find another phase of that will support your ambition to assume a bigger title at work. That will be when Mars enters Aquarius and will tour your prestigious house of professional advancement from November 8 to December 19, Your work may receive positive publicity in the press, or, if you are a public figure, praise from your boss or fans that are enthusiastic about your work.

This is a very important period for you.